Donut hit the pool this summer without
The Original Donut! Or Junior Donut pool float!


The Original Donut

The Original Donut

Ready for an extra sweet summer?
Make everyone’s mouth water when you splash into the pool in this scrumptious, must-have pool accessory!
The original donut is 120cms tall, and is both practical and fun.
It is the perfect addition to a hot afternoon in the water.
It’s easy to share sunscreen and pool towels, but giving up this delicious pool float will be harder to do!
Whether you choose to soak up the sun atop a strawberry frosted donut,
or chill out in a float decorated with chocolate frosting,
everyone will be impressed with the most sturdy and decorative toy in the pool.
Everyone likes the person who brings the sweets,
so liven up the party and bring one Original Donut for everyone!

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Junior Donut

Junior Donut

The parent who brings the chips and ice cream to the pool might be popular at first,
but when the super cool parent shows up with frosted donut floats made just for kids,
the kids will have a new favorite! Kids will have a blast swimming in a pool of sweet treats,
each one measuring 80 cm and complete with extra sprinkles, just like the kids like it!
Imagine their faces when they walk out and see a “hole” pile of mini donuts for them to float on,
spin around in and swim under!
Summer will be a whole lot sweeter with happy kids afloat these Junior Donuts!



The Original Donut chooses to use Australia Post for all of our shipping needs providing customers with high quality mail and parcel services within Australia and around the world.


All of our donuts are made to Australian Safety Standards and have the CE mark of approval we want to ensure you have the sweetest of summers.


I know I look delicious and super sweet with my shiny frosting and yummy coloured sprinkles but donut be fooled! YOU CAN NOT EAT ME!!! I am here to keep you a float! Available in The Original or Junior Donut!